Monday, October 10, 2011

Geroge Harrison: Living in the Material World

     For Adriana.
      It's Thanksgiving season! Or at least it's Thanksgiving in Canada today, which is where I'm from. So I decided why not have a thankful post. I posted about this a while back. Check it here. But I've finally watched Martin Scorsese's documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World,  at a screening hosted by ULCA with a Q&A with producer Nigel Sinclair.
     So firstly thank you UCLA for hosting this great screening and having the chops to show it in full to boot. Thanks to Scorsese and editor David Tedeschi for putting together such a masterful piece of work, it's truly something despite the subject. Really amazing. Mostly though, thank you to Olivia Harrison for allowing the film's team to excavate all her husbands things and go through a lifetime of materials, cause after three and a half hours I still wanted to see more. There's some truly amazing stuff shown in the documentary.
     Beyond the amass of entertaining footage and anecdotes about George the film is a spectacular accomplishment. The way the actual footage of George is used and intertwined into the chronology, and perspective is amazing. Interview footage of George is used to almost haunting quality because, I, for a second almost forgot this was about someone who's passed. We see everything through George's perspective in the first portion and only does the real great material come after the apple doors had closed for The Beatles. It's about him, good and bad. So don't think you're going to go in to this and get a neatly shaped film that mostly chats about his time with the popular group. Expect to see a overwhelming film about a man, who was loved and loved so many. I will admit I'm a bit sad that there wasn't any interview footage with Ravi Shankar on George's passing, but this is such a small small thing. There's so much here and I heard there's almost another 50mins of footage on the DVD release.
     Go see this if you can! Even if you don't like the subject matter, support quality filmmaking. It's remarkable to say the least. For a little taste of the film, check out the website here. For anyone who's ever felt that maybe, just maybe, wanting some beyond this material world; whether is be spiritually, emotionally or existentially,  wasn't as "fantastical" or "mystical" as some might say,  I'd say: "Here comes the sun."

Happy moviegoing folks!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Keep an Eye Out: Miss Bala

Blow, Boobs, and Blood Oh My! Trailer for new film by director, Gerardo Naranjo, Miss Bala. Produced by Gael Garcia Bernel & Diego Luna.  I'm excited to see what happens with this once it leaves TIFF, but no release date has been set for the US. :( This makes me sad because it looks pretty freaking good.

Check out the trailer below and keep and eye out for this one!

Happy moviegoing folks!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Keep An Eye Out: Tyrannosaur

The directorial debut of Paddy Considine. Ya Paddy Considine. The guy from In America, Hot Fuzz, Cinderella Man. He kinda looks like Gary Oldman but he's not. YES Him! He directed this....check it out.

Not gonna lie. This looks good. Considine said it's his "interpretation of life, and trying to function as a human" /Film reported. Well whatever it may be this looks like something I wanna see.

Keep an eye out for this one folks!

Happy moviegoing!

Keep an Eye Out: and Making My Heart Swell, Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist

Watch the trailer below from Michel Hazanavicius' newly released silent film The Artist (IMDB). Ya I said that...S I L E N T  F I L M. Trust and watch it!

Well I don't care what you say. I like silent films! So :P. I think the aesthetic is worthy of the praise it's getting right now and you can see the high attention to detail this has here just from less than two minutes. Plus, I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm glad something like this is being highlighted in a culture like today's because it allows people to understand the eras and boundaries cinema can cross. You don't need to be living in that era or with those people to understand their plight and emotion. No fancy SFX and 9 months of sound mixing either to get to the heart of it. Maybe the popular film industry today just needs to K.I.S.S all the way. Keep it simple stupid and have faith in your audience! To be able to release such a feat today is worthy of applause in my books anyhow. So well done. I'm excited to see this and would encourage anyone reading this to show this some love when it does come out.

Projected release date is in November so keep an eye out for this one!

Happy moviegoing folks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Here: Wong Kar Wai's Trailer for The Grandmasters

I posted about this feature being in production a bit back now. (See here) But as it is with most Wong Kar Wai films, they take a while, so patience is key. But now a teaser trailer has emerged and I am beyond excited. With Wong Kar Wai at the helm and Tony Leung at his side, this rendition of the story of legendary martial artist Yip Man sure looks like one hell of flick. Ya that's right a Wong Kar Wai martial arts film. My response: Where can I buy my tickets? See the trailer below:

There is still no release date but definitely keep and eye out for this one before the year is through. I cannot wait. Can you?

Happy moviegoing folks!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Keep an Eye Out For: The Myth of the American Sleepover

Check out the trailer for David Robert Mitchell's The Myth of the American Sleepover. This looks like a well thought out and furthermore well executed film. A time past with a unbiased tone? There is a level of honesty even in the aesthetics that cannot be denied here.  This is a first feature for Mitchell and looks like it's going to be well received and might actually be really great. I look forward to watching it. Keep yours eyes and ears peeled.
Check the trailer below:

Happy moviegoing folks!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Keep And Eye Out For: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Just watch the newly released trailer for Let the Right One In director, Tomas Alfredson's, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Now this is how you make a trailer. Jesus Murphy this cast! I can't even begin to verbalize how the entire aesthetic of this film insights so much excitement in me. I can't even begin to describe here. Just look at the composition alone. This is beginning to remind of the great Alan J. Pakula films, like The Parallax View. There is some Gordon Willis magic here. Definitely keep and eye out for this one. Looks like it's free of your run of the mill Hollywood malarky. But damn, these are the movies I want to see more of. Keep and eye out folks. Looks like it's going to be gooooood.

Happy moviegoing!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open: Living in the Material World: George Harrison

Just read on this blog that Scorsese plans on releasing his George Harrison documentary titled, Living in the Material World: George Harrison, by then end of this year. Pardone moi? I didn't even know such an endeavor was happening. Ooo the excitement! Scorsese & Harrison? My fav Beatle & Cinema? Ohhhhhh glorious film gods how worthy are we? Guess we'll see. It's supposed to be I read Rolling Stones Magazine Scorsese was quoted saying "I was interest in the journey that he took as an artist. The film is an exploration." Ya so stoked to this!... anyone seen The Last Waltz? how bout No Direction Home? Study up folks cause it's about that time. See the Rolling Stones Magazine post hereAND here's the No Direction Home trailer as a refresher:  

I'm very excited to hear about this project and look forward to it's release. Keep your eyes open folks. It's going to be good. 

Happy moviegoing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

'Dost my ears deceive me?' Beatty Says Dick Tracy Sequel May Happen.

/Film just posted that Warren Beatty is considering doing a Dick Tracy sequel. Pardon?

See the post here.

“I’m gonna make another one.” he said at a Q&A, after a screening of the film yesterday, at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles. Ummm sorry what sir? Let's try this again. Dick Tracy? One of the best comic adaptations to date in American Cinema. A sequel? With whom I might add? You going to get Al to come out of hiding? And where is Charlie Korsmo after 1999? Not sure it will be quite like it was. There is a genius blend of the 2D world in that film that only the 90s aesthetic provided. Think you're even going to get close to the same essence?

How are you going to do this again?

*please disregard the cheesetastic trailer V.O....It's Disney. It's the 90s.

/Film also reported that Beatty didn't say much else as he's a doesn't like to talk about films before they're made. He comes from old Hollywood, he knows better. Great form I say! But what to do? What to do?.....My nostalgia meters is going off. But think it's hitting red. I worry. Really unless you're going to get some of the genius' working in Japanese anime right now to help you with this and get some no namers to bring the characters a fresh breath then I think you're going down a lonesome road. But my interests are peeked. Beatty out of waiting and for Dick Tracy nonetheless. Well I am in. Just hope it come out s'wonderfully.

Otherwise, if you haven't seen Dick Tracy please get on that. I'll reiterate, especially with all the comic adaptations going on these days, that it is indeed one of the best you'll see and it came before the year 1999. Oh dear! Say it again so! Trust. Beatty is good. Member, Reds? (he directed this and Dick Tracy) and Shampoo? Ahhhh The Parallax View!? Watch these too. Happy moviegoing folks!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Another Alexander Payne Film!

/FIlm just posted this, with the title "First Clip of George Clooney in Alexander Payne's 'The Descendants'".....Conclusion.... two of my favorite men in this business in the same sentence and the long awaited follow-up to one of my favorite films after 2000, Sideways. Gahhhh! I gasped. My neighbors at work only looking at me with slanted eyes from their computer screens. Ha! So I'm stoked anyhow. It's scheduled for release this December. Now this is how you advertise people! Click here to see the clip!
Alexander Payne Amen.

Happy moviegoing folks!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Managing to Amaze Beyond the Grave, a True Artist: Stanley Kubrick

/Film just posted this really amazing animated video of Kubrick's filmography (see below) and it reminded me of something I must recall. I only graduated about a month ago from a film production program.  And one day in my final course my teacher said to an innocent film student passer by and in the most mater of fact fashion "Hey! Do you want to watch one of the greatest movies ever made?" He was of course referring to Kurbrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey,  which we watched in one the purest of forms, 35mm, and with the volume up nice and high! Sure to say this made my entire day and I watched 2001 in the happiest mood I've ever screened it in. 

To honor such feeling only Kubrick can instill. I am posting this little beve of photos that were sent to me that I'd yet to figure out how to present, until now. These were taken in 1949, in Chicago, by Kurbrick on an assignment from Look Magazine. Marvel. Just Marvel. Here are just a select few:

 Full post is here. The assignment was called. "Chicago City of Contrasts." How this man amazes me and it isn't even from old thrills from his past flicks, but from shit I've never seen before. Just can't help but smile. Always a good day when Kubrick is involved.

Here's the video:

Stanley Kubrick - a filmography - from mwoutisseth on Vimeo.

Happy moviegoing folks!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zemeckis' Yellow Submarine is No More

Just read on /Film that Robert Zemeckis's retelling of Yellow Submarine is no more. Apparently due to the failure and utterly tanked filmed Mars Needs Moms Disney has decided to not continue with the project because of it's use of intensive motion capture. For something that might actually be really awesome have the door closed on it because of some fluff like Mars Needs Moms is sad indeed. This needs to change. Hopefully Zemeckis finds another studio to bring it out and that Disney lack of involvement doesn't scare people away.

Happy moviegoing folks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Keep an Eye Out For: Mildred Pierce (2011) HBO Mini Series

Ya. You heard me correctly. In my nostalgia for writing papers and being in University level classes I looked at a great post about 1949's classic noir Mildred Peirce. Now I hear Kate Winslet stars as Mildred Peirce in a five part mini series for HBO directed by none other than Todd Haynes. Say whaaa? I heard rumors about this, I didn't know it was in the works, done and ready to air. In case you care. Which you should. It will air, March 27th 9PM on HBO. Check it out! Saw the post in an awesome blog called, Cinema Style. Check out the post here! PS. Even Rachel Wood will play Mildred's treacherous daughter and Guy Pearce her treacherous lover. So excited!

Friday, March 4, 2011

What in god's name!? Remake of the 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves in the works???

Ya you read that correctly. What the fuck?! I'm sorry but I'm not gonna lie I almost threw up a little when I first read this. /Film reported, saying, "With Keanu Reeves set to star in Carl Erik Rinsch's 47 Ronin, by my math, still leaves about 46 Ronin to be cast." You've got to be kidding me? I will speak no further about the subject matter after this. With the amount of money spent on this kind of bullshit there has got to be a better use for it, this just seems plain wasteful. All that poor film or digital storage (probably going to use some crap Beta camera). I am shocked to know someone even had the gull trying to pitch this BULL. Someone please smack these people out when they come into your office with this shit. Why isn't anyone doing anything about this? Check out the /Film report here.

Happy moviegoing folks!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Movie Wrap-Up!

So it's the beginning of the year and it's of course award season. In my life this subsequently means, in the truest of holiday fashions, a slew of movies are viewed. In no particular order of appreciation here's what has been watched recently and some thoughts on em. Enjoy.

127 Hours
So 1. You're not going to faint it's not that graphic. Be that as it may the success of the film comes from the editing, writing and of course the acting which is in turn from the directing. Ha! No it's not perfect, but it's really well done and goes back to more of the Trainspotting (1996) Boyle traditions than those of Slumdog Millionaire (2008) which is oddly refreshing. The film is smart and manages to keep pretty well on the ball for an action movie about a man who doesn't move for 127 hours. Every visual is anchored with meaning so inevitably the film is beautiful. However it's also impassioned despite how stripped down Franco becomes as Aron Ralston and how brutal his story is. It's easy for something like this to fall into just another Alive (1993) but it works on another wave length and allows for you to be in engaged weather you know the true story or not. Go watch.

True Grit
Oh fratelli coen! Firstly I had a chuckle and a half through this film, so A+. But the more and more I think about it, it wasn't mainly due to script or anything of that fun O Brother Where Art Thou? manner but to Jeff Bridges' performance. So I began to wonder why I was going around telling people I liked it. So it's a great text, but when the DP of your film is saying it's not his best stuff and that DP is Roger's time for.....awkward silence....and....oh fratelli coen how I wish you would do something like Fargo again. Good effort but you are committing the crime of making us all think your under studio eye and trying to pump out films like it's the 30s and it's just not working for you. Close but no cigar.
Black Swan
It's interesting to watch Aronofsky over the years. But I feel like no one scares me quite like him. For some odd reason I just always feel some type of frightened watching his films. I don't know if it's the ultra reality of the world of the film or further more the ultra reality of the emotions and obsession of the film world. Perfection is not a word I'm unfamiliar with, but I believe I have the sense to realize that it's not possible. But where I find this ultra reality comes from is in the sense that I can understand the roots that the protagonist's obsession has. It's a matter of giving up every fiber of your being for your art. No matter how you slice it, you'll find a Nina in every artistic medium and that is what's important here I think and it's done wonderfully. Must watch!

Watched this with my Brosome! and Pa on a sunny winter's afternoon. FUN AS HELL! Who cares the script is a crapola pot. And who cares that the protagonist doesn't quite live up to any of the acting skills of his counterparts he shares the screen with. Forget it all....cause it's zen Jeff Bridges time! and you know the "dude's" and "awesome's" were improved and kept because they didn't care either. It's the Dude in sci-fi, gaming, zen, magical white castle, in the digital world, fun times and that's it. Just go and watch some cool shit and don't be so up tight! Enjoy!

Black Dynamite
I can't believe I've finally watched this. Michael Jai White is the screenwriter and star of the film and is quite fabulous. Although I enjoyed it immensely, this movie is too funny at times I think and I wouldn't do it justice to even begin to describe it correctly to you. Just watch it! Trust it's a good time. It parodies the American 1970s blacksploitation films, mostly things like Shaft and Sweet Sweetbacks Baadasssss Song. But it's this sense of parody as opposed to satire that deflates it's moments of genius and it falls flat at times. But this film is refreshing to say the least and continues to provide contemporary moviegoers with new avenues to understand cinema a little more. 

Get Low
This film is an exemplar to why casting is so, so, SO important to a film, cause I'm not sure I would have watched it otherwise. Robert Duval is a revelation. Although not sure why I say revelation cause who didn't know he was an amazing actor; but this is definitely one of his best performances. Bill Murray is top notch as usual and I think I might have actually liked Sissy Spacek. A. The story is great. B. You have amazing actors. C. Pretty good script. But unfortunately due to "C's pretty good script" somewhere along the lines the film just looses the roll it had at the beginning and becomes quite flat toward the end. It was a little sad I must say.

Harry Potter
This is a perfect example of a stellar opening set of lines. The image itself is also awesome. (Looked better when I watched it then this screen grab <--) But that's about it that I enjoyed. Which is sad since I am a Harry Potter fan. But I feel now I need to clarify and say I am a Harry Potter book fan. This film is unfinished to say the least and is lacking on so many levels. It's too bad they're making them into two films in order to bank on the franchise as opposed to presenting an audience with a finished narrative. What ever happened to intermissions? Fail. Just Fail.

The Social Network
Now this I loved. I don't know why, but shit, it just hit somewhere. I am not a fan of some of the situations that revolved around the release of this film, particularly TIME putting Mark Zuckerberg on their cover as "Man of the Year." Jesse Eisenberg's crazy amazing performance has nothing to do with, in actuality, who this person is. But I believe one thing is true about why I liked this film. I do not see this as a film about Facebook. It's about friendship, loyalty, honor, pride, shame. It's about deep rooted evils in humans and how they come to pass and how they decay what they've touched. Fincher is getting better and better I think. And despite what all might think right now, I liked the look. It was filmed mostly with practical light and I believe it aids to nature of the film. There are moments when parts of the frame are full of action but hardly visible or in complete darkness. This is the nature of humans, no matter how much we see or think we know about someone there are pieces of us in darkness that only come out to play when we're being challenged (or when money and credit is involved) . How we meet that challenge is the question. This movie is no solution to what has happened but it's definitely asking the right questions. And if Andrew Garfield had a vagina this film could have quite possibly swept the top five nods at the Oscars this year, which hasn't been done since Silence of the Lambs. Watch it!

Probably one of the best representations of celebrity I've seen in a while. Nature to Coppola the film is quite static, there are many shots that just sit and watch. It must have been a joy to shoot...I'm not lying. It's a wait. We see people and things move in an out of frame slowly, swiftly, with gusto at some points, which present itself within the narrative as well as on the screen itself.  Elle Fanning is a marvel as usual and Stephen Dorff is actually quite good and these are the only two constants and anchors here. But I feel indifferent to this film. I feel like I might have caught something undone or that something was missing when I left the theater. But maybe that's the very nature of the film, and maybe my indifference is a garnered and focused response to a very bleak vision of the nature of celebrity and that entire lifestyle. Go watch it's a interesting text to say the least.

No matter what you agree or disagree with, that's about it for now folks. Happy moviegoing!

Friday, February 4, 2011


These are my notes as they were written....


Narrative and Character - The character intros. The specific hobbies details what they like and don't. Wondrous way to introduce characters. The pasta making scene after the blind man. She speaks about her self in the third person, I never really noticed that.

Editing and Cinematography - The marriage between these two is best exemplified when Amelie brings the blind man across the street and she describes everything they pass. Movement of shtos with character pace time and the reality of sight and sound in this scene is bliss. The shots are quite blurred and if it wasn't for Amelie's descriptions to the old blind man you wouldn't know what they were either. It's like you become the blind man too. IT'S WONDERFUL!

The Script - I need to peruse this script as soon as possible. It's written like literature if it's written like anything the way it actually plays on screen.  The first scene where the TV talks to her and makes her feel guilty about her self pity and "woe is me" attitude....brilliant! Another moment like this the TV says "if amelie chooses to live in a dream and remain and introverted young women she has an absolute right to mess up her life." HA! Loves it too much at this point.

* The final glances to the camera, while Amelie and Nino are riding on the bike together. First both look then just Amelie. Brilliant. Reminds us we're watching fiction. It's a concoction. If you notice each character has their own way they make up stories and life around them. It's wonderful. "Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality" - Jules de Gaultier

Happy moviegoing folks!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Keep an Eye Out For: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

A project that originated during my years in high school, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is what I like to call a passion piece for me. It's a war drama, about a Soldier faced with life or death as a sharp shoot guns him down across the way. The question is raised, How do we consider the fate of someone based on their actions? And over and above that how do we deem someones actions right or wrong when in a situation of life or death? Do we condemn or acquit the behavior based on circumstance?

I'm posting to spread the good word and let all of you know we have a Kickstarter for helping to raise funds for the production. YOU CAN SEE IT HERE!

We're working really hard and we need as much of your support as possible. Help a great cause with an outstanding team! I'll be keeping a tally of our progress on the right sidebar until our goals are reached. Just got to get the widget up and running now! Fingers crossed and thanks to all who spread the word!

Happy moviegoing!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keep and Eye Out For: Hitcock Biopic

/Film just posted about Anvil! director Sacha Gervasi being in the talks to direct a biopic on Alfred Hitchcock. Check out the /Film post here. I posted about Anvil! The Story of Anvil a while back, check out that post here.

I am quite excited about the possibility of Gervasi to direct a biopic on Hitchcock. No one really has done Hitchcock biopic at least in a full length format so this should be quite interesting. Has the potential to go array but hopefully, with the success of Anvil! on his heels, Gervasi can keep it rolling and rock the house with this one. Either way keep an eye out folks cause this could be good. This could be really good.

Happy moviegoing!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Brave Little Toaster

When I can't remember the last time I watched a film.... it's time for a refresher. Due to recent mention of this movie and with the hard reality of my robotic response "Oh my gosh! I love that movie!" slapping me in the face I figured I needed to dust off the old VHS again and figure out why I like it so much. Yes I have a VHS copy and yes it still works. I know. I just watched it. Either way, I watched the film and these are my notes based on chronology of plot and not personal importance. 

Fuck I love this animation! - It reminded me of the opening credits of The Land Before Time. Another childhood but recently viewed favorite of mine.

The frightening adventure aspect - I figured the reasons I was so enamored with it when I was a child  was because of this main plot point, it was an animated adventure but with these odd frightening moments that kept my child ass seated for 90mins.

Appliances left in an old cottage set to find their "master" - the genius of this story - After my post viewing research did I find out that the film is based on a book by Thomas M. Disch with the tagline "a bedtime story for small appliances" HA! How wonderful! Time to get the book!

Is the Air Condition voiced by  Jack Nicholson? - I found later on IMDB it isn't, but is voiced by Phil Hartman. Who frequently voices on The Simpson as Troy McClure.

The songs is this movie are priceless hilarity - I didn't know it back then cause to me they were just catchy tunes that I would hum and sing part of the lyrics to, but these songs are crazy! When they are singing about finding ways to get back to the master after the For Sale sign is hammered into the front lawn, they sing: "Master is a man of great reflection." Now I know why my parents refused to watch it with me. These weren't catchy Disney tunes but odd off Broadway animation wonders! And then they were followed by weird moments of action like when Blanket is being stuff into a mouse hole by a bunch of mice after the, what I'd like to call, "music of the forest sesh." Yes you could only imagine, what beauties only 80s animation can bring.

The hardware store - This is a prime explain of singing moments that are frightening yet ever so leaning on the edge of creepy I was talking about above. I'll mention again this isn't frightening in a Disney Snow White's running through the woods kinda way but actually kinda creepy and I don't understand why I child would like this. Maybe cause I didn't know what was happening with my small child brain. But anyhow the appliances make it to the city but are found by a little plump man who looks innocent enough. Once at the store the appliances are bombarded by the "city" lamps and forgotten appliances in a pawn shop which are piece and ripped to shreds at the plump mans desires. It's weird and hard to explain. Just take a look below and see for yourself.

Because yes, this movie is grade B film. But it made me happy once and  despite being more aware of the little odds and ends, I still enjoyed watching it now. Just now it's one of those little creepy diamonds in the rough I hold onto dearly in the cinema vault.

P.s. if you are a TBLT fan here's a little goodie for ya! A printable and then fold-able paper Brave Little Toaster!

Happy moviegoing folks!