Sunday, April 7, 2013

Room 237

    I was anticipating this film and it certainly did not disappoint. Lucky enough to have the director, Rodney Ascher, introduce the film at the screening I attended, he started by saying "I hope you like The Shinning." and that's as true as it'll ever ring because if you kinda like it or really don't then you wont enjoy the film. Interviewing five people concerning their deeper thoughts and conclusions about Stanley Kubrick's The  Shinning Ascher manages to weave quite a report.
    Some are calling this film more of an essay than a documentary and I would agree but that doesn't at all diminish it's quality in execution and overall meditation on the film. We never see the interviewees but their theories on The Shinning range from denouncing the genocide of the Native Americans to Kubrick giving an apology for staging the fake footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In my opinion some seem to be stretching their conclusions about the film a bit much but what I thought would be the more far fetched of the bunch like Kubrick giving an apology for staging the moon landing footage aren't and seem rather plausible. It's amazing just how these people have dissected the film even going so far as to map out the entire set and provide shot by shot analysis of the film.
    Overall this film is further documentation on how amazing The Shining is and furthermore how it'll be rare we'll see a filmmaker like Stanley Kubrick in this industry ever again. Definitely worth your attention, Room 237 will hopefully allow Ascher the opportunity to make more films. I look forward to seeing them when he does.

Check it out where you can, here is the film's official screening schedule, or you can check it online on your iTunes or Amazon accounts. You can even inquire about setting up a screening of your own here.

Happy moviegoing folks!