Thursday, May 5, 2011

Managing to Amaze Beyond the Grave, a True Artist: Stanley Kubrick

/Film just posted this really amazing animated video of Kubrick's filmography (see below) and it reminded me of something I must recall. I only graduated about a month ago from a film production program.  And one day in my final course my teacher said to an innocent film student passer by and in the most mater of fact fashion "Hey! Do you want to watch one of the greatest movies ever made?" He was of course referring to Kurbrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey,  which we watched in one the purest of forms, 35mm, and with the volume up nice and high! Sure to say this made my entire day and I watched 2001 in the happiest mood I've ever screened it in. 

To honor such feeling only Kubrick can instill. I am posting this little beve of photos that were sent to me that I'd yet to figure out how to present, until now. These were taken in 1949, in Chicago, by Kurbrick on an assignment from Look Magazine. Marvel. Just Marvel. Here are just a select few:

 Full post is here. The assignment was called. "Chicago City of Contrasts." How this man amazes me and it isn't even from old thrills from his past flicks, but from shit I've never seen before. Just can't help but smile. Always a good day when Kubrick is involved.

Here's the video:

Stanley Kubrick - a filmography - from mwoutisseth on Vimeo.

Happy moviegoing folks!

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