Friday, March 19, 2010

Just got my VIP Pass for Spike Jonze's I'm Here

I just got a marvelous email with me VIP pass to the online screening of Spike Jonze's I'm Here. I am super excited so once I am out of class I am going to watch and write something up. Keep and eye out for my review.

Happy moviegoing!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Finally Saw Anvil: The Story of Anvil

So I finally saw it. I've been meaning to see this film since I first heard about it when I worked at Moving Pictures Magazine over a year ago.  It's bloody AMAZING!

I've added a poster photo, which I usually don't do. But this one I needed to add because I want you to understand that everything it proclaims is true. This film is a masterpiece and is one of the best documentaries about rock n' roll I've ever seen. The fact that a film about metal music brought me to tears is just amazing to think about. The quality level of storytelling here just goes to show how much the spirit of two people never willing to give up their dream is insurmountably across-the-board touching. I can't even begin to tell to explain, you just need to see it. I don't even play an instrument let alone listen to metal music all that much but to see the passion and love these two have for their craft and for their music is just so inspiring.  Best part about it is that they didn't even have much success. They didn't even make it half as much as the people they influenced and inspired.

Just look:

Any music or movie lover should watch this film....STAT!
Hope you like it.
Happy moviegoing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

History Has Just Been Made

I'm kinda speechless. Kathryn Bigelow just won an Oscar for Best Direction and Best Picture for The Hurt Locker.

If tonight is any indication, if you haven't seen this film I would go watch it NOW. Here's a link to my post on the film a while back.

Happy moviegoing!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


 I don't know if you're ready. Who's excited? Anywhooo check out this great YouTube playlist of awesome Oscar Moments. Specifically check out the David Niven streaker moment, Chaplin's Honorary Oscar Speech, and Dustin Hoffman accepting for Kramer vs. Kramer.  Magic. Oh and stay tuned for post Oscar Post!

Happy moviegoing!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Few Things of Note

So today, while I was compiling an extensive list of screenwriters for my boss, I came across some titles for the near future that I think are of note.

A. They're gonna make a Forest Gump 2, and they want to call it Gump & Co.
B. There is a movie out there called We Gotta Get Buscemi
C. A film is in the works based on the novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

So firstly let us address A.... WHAT THE HELL?! Is the bulk of my reaction. Despite that it is written by the same screenwriter. Can anyone think this will be any good? Or comparable to the first for that matter. I wanna know how they plan on getting Tom Hanks to come back. I would also like to know how they're convincing someone to fork over cash for this. I would also like to know if they plan on getting Zemeckis. Too many question arise, but overall why? why oh why must you do such things?

Let's get away from this gray cloud and move onwards. B. We Gotta Get Buscemi. There isn't even a synopsis on IMDBPro. But for some reason I feel like this could be pretty stellar if the Buscemi they speak of is him name Steve who starred in classics like Reservoir Dogs, Ghost World and other wonders. So my hopes are set. Not high, but not low. Looks interesting nonetheless.

C. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. This book was purchased for me on accident and it turned out to be wonderful. I am excited to see the screenwriters are seasoned professional, who have worked on things like Dangerous Liaisons, and Atonement, to pictures like Gosford Park. Keep an eye out for this one folks!

Happy moivegoing!