Sunday, June 19, 2011

Keep Your Eyes Open: Living in the Material World: George Harrison

Just read on this blog that Scorsese plans on releasing his George Harrison documentary titled, Living in the Material World: George Harrison, by then end of this year. Pardone moi? I didn't even know such an endeavor was happening. Ooo the excitement! Scorsese & Harrison? My fav Beatle & Cinema? Ohhhhhh glorious film gods how worthy are we? Guess we'll see. It's supposed to be I read Rolling Stones Magazine Scorsese was quoted saying "I was interest in the journey that he took as an artist. The film is an exploration." Ya so stoked to this!... anyone seen The Last Waltz? how bout No Direction Home? Study up folks cause it's about that time. See the Rolling Stones Magazine post hereAND here's the No Direction Home trailer as a refresher:  

I'm very excited to hear about this project and look forward to it's release. Keep your eyes open folks. It's going to be good. 

Happy moviegoing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

'Dost my ears deceive me?' Beatty Says Dick Tracy Sequel May Happen.

/Film just posted that Warren Beatty is considering doing a Dick Tracy sequel. Pardon?

See the post here.

“I’m gonna make another one.” he said at a Q&A, after a screening of the film yesterday, at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles. Ummm sorry what sir? Let's try this again. Dick Tracy? One of the best comic adaptations to date in American Cinema. A sequel? With whom I might add? You going to get Al to come out of hiding? And where is Charlie Korsmo after 1999? Not sure it will be quite like it was. There is a genius blend of the 2D world in that film that only the 90s aesthetic provided. Think you're even going to get close to the same essence?

How are you going to do this again?

*please disregard the cheesetastic trailer V.O....It's Disney. It's the 90s.

/Film also reported that Beatty didn't say much else as he's a doesn't like to talk about films before they're made. He comes from old Hollywood, he knows better. Great form I say! But what to do? What to do?.....My nostalgia meters is going off. But think it's hitting red. I worry. Really unless you're going to get some of the genius' working in Japanese anime right now to help you with this and get some no namers to bring the characters a fresh breath then I think you're going down a lonesome road. But my interests are peeked. Beatty out of waiting and for Dick Tracy nonetheless. Well I am in. Just hope it come out s'wonderfully.

Otherwise, if you haven't seen Dick Tracy please get on that. I'll reiterate, especially with all the comic adaptations going on these days, that it is indeed one of the best you'll see and it came before the year 1999. Oh dear! Say it again so! Trust. Beatty is good. Member, Reds? (he directed this and Dick Tracy) and Shampoo? Ahhhh The Parallax View!? Watch these too. Happy moviegoing folks!