Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Observations on Film Art: One of the Best Film Blogs on the Net

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. Some photo, some journal, some funny, some film. One of my favorite film blogs, though it is written mainly by David Bordwell and Kristen Thompson, is David Bordwell's Observations on film art. These two glorious people were the folk that wrote Film Art: An Introduction, which was my intro to film bible in my first year of Cinema Studies. This morning I came to the newest post, written by Bordwell, named Seduced by structure, and the beginning read:

"If you’re hungry to learn about the ways films can tell stories, a festival provides a feast.  A huge array of narrative strategies is spread out for your delectation. You won’t like every movie you see, but thinking about the mechanics of each one can deepen your experience of it, as well as your appreciation for just how wide cinema’s resources can be. You also get to see how more unusual approaches to storytelling are often imaginative revisions of more traditional strategies." 

*sigh* Sometimes I miss writing papers and doing research. This minor portion of the full post is just so reminiscent of when my days were filled with film theories, discussions and all things wonderfully scholarly about film. I just hope that you have read the above and this has incited your imagination enough to click this link and understand just why David Bordwell's Observations on film art is a must see for any film lover. Definitely one of the happiest moviegoing blogs out there. Check it out here!

Happy moviegoing!

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