Monday, March 4, 2013

Keep An Eye Out For: Reality pt. 2

March is here and so are two of the films I've been writing about recently. One being the documentary Room 237 which comes out on the 29th of this month and the other being Matteo Garrone's Reality which I spoke about here. This film will be a really interesting look into the modern family and its relation to each other, to society, to media and ultimately reality. I must say, my viewing experience of Garrone's Gamorra was intense and like no other I've had, so I cannot wait for this film.

Check the trailer out here:

This will definitely be something different and worth the wait since his last film almost 5 years ago. If you're on the fence about it though I would surely check out Gamorra which I wrote about here, so you can get a taste for how this man works. Otherwise you can check out the film on the 15th of this month in limited release. Hopefully it'll be in a theatre near you, but keep an eye out for it nonetheless!

Happy moviegoing folks!

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