Saturday, May 26, 2012

Keep an Eye Out For: Reality

Matteo Garrone's first film since Gomorrah in 2008. Reality is said to be a bleak look at the Italian public's obsession with reality TV; specifically Italian Big Brother. It premiered at Cannes on the 18th of May to very mixed reviews. However, I must say, just by this poster alone and the slight whispers about some Felini undertones I cannot wait to see this film. It's nice to see filmmakers who still have the gull to take shots at the societies they live in. The film is said to open in France in August and Italy in September; hopefully it'll have a more international release shortly after that. Keep an eye out nonetheless and if you haven't seen Garrone's Gomorrah then I say get on it. Probably one of the best mafia movies you'll ever see.

Happy moviegoing folks!

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