Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Last Airbender

Despite its really slow start I kinda liked it and I am excited to see it counterparts. Mind you I went with fans of the T.V. show.

Some things:
A. This movie really made me want to see the original T.V. show. Super cool story line. Mind you I've always had an affinity for far away lands and people with powers.

B. Really made me want to take on Tai Chi. Really cool stuff. Look into it!

One more note: When this was getting ready to open on July 2nd the theatre in front of my school had protesters marching out front. People were complaining about casting still. Saying it was racist that certain characters were casted differently from their "likeness" to the animated characters. What people don't seem to realize is this was an American animated T.V. series so all this garb about it being racist in casting is garbage in my books. Animation and film, if it's about one thing, it's about imagination, wonder, awe and reaching people despite their color or creed. People need to find something better to do with their time. Everyone did well and overall I liked it. Could have seen it on DVD and would have been fine too, but I did enjoy it.

Favorite things:
This creature was magical, it's supposed to be a flying bison named Appa. It flies and has six legs. All I know is I want one.

I also liked Uncle Iroh, he was throughly into his character.  Nothing like the animated character. But very fun.  Love the dreads.

Be good folks and keep that vision out of the tunnels.

Happy moviegoing!

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