Friday, July 23, 2010

Disney's Press Release for Haunted Mansion. Guillermo Del Toro to direct!

Guillermo Del Toro was at Comic-Con and spoke to the fortunate people who could attend about his newly spawned adaptation of Haunted Mansion. He says:

"It is going to be in 3D. And we’re making the Haunted Mansion the most haunted place on Earth. And we are doing it by being true to the spirit and the art and the aesthetic of the original Imagineers that created the mansion.

We are not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls."

That's what I love to hear. Can't wait! After I heard this though, I went to look at Del Toro's IMDB, he has SO much in the works. The ones that stand out are Pinocchio, Frankenstein, & The Witches. The Witches!? AHHHHHH stoked! Firstly I just want to see. I just want to see what he will concoct for this. Real excited. I hope he gets Angelica Houston to come back. Frankenstein, I'm not too excited, since there have been SO many adaptations, but I'm intrigued nonetheless. Pinocchio I think will be exciting too since it will finally be the scary story it was originally written as. Should be interesting. Very exciting stuff. This man is a marvel. 

Happy Moviegoing!

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