Wednesday, April 21, 2010


     So finally saw Kick-Ass. It's living up to its praise. It definitely is. Couple things of note: Keep an eye out for Chloe Moretz. She plays Hit Girl and I would go as far to say that she kinda stole the show. Despite that the film isn't about one particular character, she definitely has charge and commanded of every scene she was in. Otherwise the construction of the film is really well done and obviously leaves room for another to be made, I can only assume, soon. I feel like this film is really an introduction of sorts and we've yet to see what's really up the sleeves of the Kick-Ass team. If you're a fan of the comics then I am sure you have a lot more criticism than I, but I loved the idea that Kick-Ass is all about standing up when no others will. It's actually quite something. The snapshot you see above is from a compelling scene where a slew of onlookers take pictures while a few gang members try and beat up someone and Kick-Ass intervenes and get's his ass kicked in the process. I just wished they would have continued on with this throughout the story then letting the revenge plot overtake by the end. I feel like it's important and would have made this film less just another comic movie and into something more. Otherwise though the movie did KICK ASS! The fight scene's we're stellar and really played well into the original mediums style and constructions as a comic would. They're really impressive and aren't getting enough praise. Overall though, bloody awesome!

Definitely go check it out!

Here are some pics:

Happy moviegoing!

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