Monday, March 1, 2010

Few Things of Note

So today, while I was compiling an extensive list of screenwriters for my boss, I came across some titles for the near future that I think are of note.

A. They're gonna make a Forest Gump 2, and they want to call it Gump & Co.
B. There is a movie out there called We Gotta Get Buscemi
C. A film is in the works based on the novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

So firstly let us address A.... WHAT THE HELL?! Is the bulk of my reaction. Despite that it is written by the same screenwriter. Can anyone think this will be any good? Or comparable to the first for that matter. I wanna know how they plan on getting Tom Hanks to come back. I would also like to know how they're convincing someone to fork over cash for this. I would also like to know if they plan on getting Zemeckis. Too many question arise, but overall why? why oh why must you do such things?

Let's get away from this gray cloud and move onwards. B. We Gotta Get Buscemi. There isn't even a synopsis on IMDBPro. But for some reason I feel like this could be pretty stellar if the Buscemi they speak of is him name Steve who starred in classics like Reservoir Dogs, Ghost World and other wonders. So my hopes are set. Not high, but not low. Looks interesting nonetheless.

C. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. This book was purchased for me on accident and it turned out to be wonderful. I am excited to see the screenwriters are seasoned professional, who have worked on things like Dangerous Liaisons, and Atonement, to pictures like Gosford Park. Keep an eye out for this one folks!

Happy moivegoing!

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