Monday, January 4, 2010


So I've watched it. Finally. My conclusions? It's good. Not great. But good.

I don't mean any disrespect to the original source or it's creators, but I feel like the stage version, is a parody then homage to an artist, which I had hoped when I was an eager film student waiting for the curtain to roll back to begin watching the musical long ago. When something becomes mere attack then it's power deflates in my opinion and becomes less potent over time. The film though decides to try to make an homage and yet makes a continuous barrage of insult to the great maestro, by being chinzy and a deflated version of anything close to what Fellini could have created.

There are just too many frames that I noticed that are taken specifically from a film that I've seen of Fellini's. What is this a remake? I am sure there are even more from the films I haven't seen. The film still doesn't show the protagonist, Guido Contini, in a flattering light, not at all. Bad people can make great art this is true but what is the point of all this? Why are we being told this. Try and maybe be less accusatory and more understanding as a piece of art, and then maybe we will get somewhere. I'm not saying we have to praise praise praise but it's nice to be a little more objective in are understanding of things then ignorant.

Performance must be spoken about. I think the female cast is gorgeous. They're placed quite well from Sophia Loren down to Fergie (I wasn't as bothered by her as much I thought I would be, she's not bad). Judi Dench is marvelous as usual, and Marion Cotillard, who is superb, will join her as my favorites of the film. They're musical numbers are some of my favorite. Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz are great but just kinda there. Plus Cruz's performance just reminds me too much of Vicky Christina Barcelona to have her stand out enough. Kate Hudson is a token of decoration at best. Daniel Day Lewis though, I have to regrettably say, is in this film in my least favorite performance of his to date . He is beautiful, powerful and has that suffocating artist manner down, which saves him. But what ruins it for me is the accent. He just didn't get it. It was really not right actually, and it hinders the overall performance more then I would have thought.

I do hope you go out and see it still. Maybe you might feel the same as I. Maybe not. Despite whether you agree with me or not the film is not really bad. I don't think anyone can deny or not appreciate the mere mechanics of turning this original stage musical into what you'll see in theaters today. Bravo to that. However it falls short and it shows too much. Marshall did dedicated the film to the memory of Anthony Minghella, who co-wrote the screenplay, so that's always a bonus point in my book.

Happy moviegoing!

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