Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Diego "Hot" News

So I wont usually do this, but I thought this was necessary considering the circumstances. I was in San Diego this weekend to enjoy a Killers concert and amidst the rendezvous of record shopping my roomie and I were informed of this...The San Diego Union Tribune, "Hot" News reads:

"Tony Curtis walked down Memory Lane here yesterday - in high heels. In a 50-year anniversary observance of the cross-dressing classic Some Like It Hot, filmed, in part, at the Hotel del Coronado, Curtis reminisced with reporters about wearing heels. The hardest part of walking in them, he said, was making sure one foot was firmly planted before the other was lifted. As for what it was like, in his role as Josephine, to have a bosom, Curtis quipped: "I couldn't see my wrist watch." He has returned to Hotel del Coronado this weekend for a series of commemorative events..."

Oh yes folks! Oh yes! Now I can't say I saw the glorious Curtis himself, but we definitely made a B line to the Hotel del Coronado and saw just how great this place is. Also there was a collection of paintings done by Curtis himself. Now I couldn't take pictures, but I managed to snap some on my phone so they are a bit blurry. If you notice in the corner Tony Curtis has signed all of them. Ahhhh! Oh yes ladies and gents, Tony Curtis, actor, author, and painter. In addition the Hotel was absoluetly stunning and if I could afford the $340.00 ticket I would have saw Curtis that night at his Q&A about him, his book, and the making of Some Like It Hot.

Happy Anniversary to one of the greatest movies of all time! AFI ranks this at the top of their list of best Comedies of the century. If this doesn't sway you to watch it, then how bout Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag. And if that doesn't sway you, how bout Marilyn Monroe singing, or Monroe herself. How bout one of the greatest writers Hollywood has ever seen? Wilder anyone?. Either way Billy Wilder is one of the greatest screenwriters/directors of all time. A good portion of his films are some of the most quoted in Hollywood history. His skills are key to creating some of the most memorable moments in American cinema history. "All right, Mr. Deville, I'm ready for my close-ip" anybody...anybody...? Oh yes folks, I cannot doubt that you wont be roaring with laughter from this film, it's so superbly executed and so well done. It's a gem!

Billy Wilder is a genius and if you haven't seen this film I suggest you do so straigth away...straigth away! Other examples of Wilder genius include but not limited to: Double Indemnity, Sunset Blvd., Sabrina, The Seven Year Itch, and The Apartment.

Enjoy folks & happy moviegoing!

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Adrienne said...

You son of a gun, you.

Annd I am about to read everything I have never read on this beautiful piece of art because it has been too, too long.