Monday, September 14, 2009

Mermaid (Rusalka) 2007

Though I've been meaning to write about this for some time now I feel that it's being posted just when needed. I watched Mermaid at the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was my first screening of the festival and it wasn't topped by any other. The film tells the tale of Alisa, a young girl coming of age in the big city, Moscow. She moves from a small coastal town at the edge of the world it seems with her mother and grandmother. And so begins her journey. I'm not gonna tell you much else beside this...Alisa is a very special person, she has the ability to make wishes come true.

Although I've read on several occasions that this film is "the Russian Amelie" I don't think it compares in the least. I believe the two films are much different from each other and cannot be compared as similar entities. So don't let that sway your perception of the film because it is a truly original piece.

The film is shot so beautifully and this is one of its strongest features. Within the walls of a gray city it's safe to say that to find such beauty, color and magic is quite a task and the director, Anna Melikyan, executes it so wonderfully and this show prominently in the films overall style. Not everything needs to sparkle to be filled with wonder and awe. And to achieve the pure sentiment of wonder and awe in Alisa's world shows just how masterful Melikyan is; she someone to look out for that's for sure. I think what best describes the personality of Alisa is this constant state of wonder and awe she's in throughout the film and it's her perspective that allows the audience to envelope themselves in this mind frame and enjoy everything as she does.

Although it's hard to get your hands on the film I shall leave you with a trailer; cause there are many. I think the films strengths ring true here. And it is made quite clear just how great this film is from this small taste . Enjoy!

Ps. Soundtrack is amazing. And if you are itching to watch it, which you should be, IFC has picked it up and it should be able to view on the IFC. If I am not mistaken its also still running along the festival circuit think it just played at Telluride so it might be closer than you think. Happy hunting! Spread the word and enjoy!

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