Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Brave Little Toaster

When I can't remember the last time I watched a film.... it's time for a refresher. Due to recent mention of this movie and with the hard reality of my robotic response "Oh my gosh! I love that movie!" slapping me in the face I figured I needed to dust off the old VHS again and figure out why I like it so much. Yes I have a VHS copy and yes it still works. I know. I just watched it. Either way, I watched the film and these are my notes based on chronology of plot and not personal importance. 

Fuck I love this animation! - It reminded me of the opening credits of The Land Before Time. Another childhood but recently viewed favorite of mine.

The frightening adventure aspect - I figured the reasons I was so enamored with it when I was a child  was because of this main plot point, it was an animated adventure but with these odd frightening moments that kept my child ass seated for 90mins.

Appliances left in an old cottage set to find their "master" - the genius of this story - After my post viewing research did I find out that the film is based on a book by Thomas M. Disch with the tagline "a bedtime story for small appliances" HA! How wonderful! Time to get the book!

Is the Air Condition voiced by  Jack Nicholson? - I found later on IMDB it isn't, but is voiced by Phil Hartman. Who frequently voices on The Simpson as Troy McClure.

The songs is this movie are priceless hilarity - I didn't know it back then cause to me they were just catchy tunes that I would hum and sing part of the lyrics to, but these songs are crazy! When they are singing about finding ways to get back to the master after the For Sale sign is hammered into the front lawn, they sing: "Master is a man of great reflection." Now I know why my parents refused to watch it with me. These weren't catchy Disney tunes but odd off Broadway animation wonders! And then they were followed by weird moments of action like when Blanket is being stuff into a mouse hole by a bunch of mice after the, what I'd like to call, "music of the forest sesh." Yes you could only imagine, what beauties only 80s animation can bring.

The hardware store - This is a prime explain of singing moments that are frightening yet ever so leaning on the edge of creepy I was talking about above. I'll mention again this isn't frightening in a Disney Snow White's running through the woods kinda way but actually kinda creepy and I don't understand why I child would like this. Maybe cause I didn't know what was happening with my small child brain. But anyhow the appliances make it to the city but are found by a little plump man who looks innocent enough. Once at the store the appliances are bombarded by the "city" lamps and forgotten appliances in a pawn shop which are piece and ripped to shreds at the plump mans desires. It's weird and hard to explain. Just take a look below and see for yourself.

Because yes, this movie is grade B film. But it made me happy once and  despite being more aware of the little odds and ends, I still enjoyed watching it now. Just now it's one of those little creepy diamonds in the rough I hold onto dearly in the cinema vault.

P.s. if you are a TBLT fan here's a little goodie for ya! A printable and then fold-able paper Brave Little Toaster!

Happy moviegoing folks!

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Laura said...

I loved the brave little toaster as well, because not only did it kkep you in your seat it kept Austin in his seat too!