Friday, December 24, 2010

What the F***? Iranian Flmmaker Jafar Panahi is jailed for trying to make a movie.

I cannot even believe this. Is the world really still in the barbaric mode? It's the holiday's!

I was reading David Bordwell's blog yesterday and saw this: "One of the finest of Iranian filmmakers, has been sentenced to six years in prison." What???? I said aloud...just what? Filmmaker Jafar Panahi is apparently being imprisoned for preparing a film. The Iranian government believes that he's making an anti-government peice and even though he was filming in his home they seized all the footage and equipment and jailed him and his colleague Rasoulof. This is so sad to hear. Censorship is still alive an well folks and we should really do something about it!  Check out the full Bordwell post here!

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