Thursday, December 10, 2009

Requeim For A Dream

Hoping to generate some type of discussion with my peers about it, I feel like this needs to be posted. Thing is I am at a loss on how to assess my verdict for the film (for this particular viewing) because I couldn't finish the last ten minutes. I fast forwarded through in addition to shielding my eyes. I have to confess that this reaction was mainly due to the snippets of Ellen Burstyn being electrocuted but that's besides the point. How does one assess or make final conclusions on a film that they couldn't see through? Normally I wouldn't think twice about it and merely pass it by. But the film is just too good to pass up a chance to talk about it.

I started the film and was amazed that this has slipped through the cracks in my years of continuous movie watching. The split screens, fish bowl lenses, the music, the score, cinematography. Holy shit the acting. Ellen Burstyn is absolutely amazing! She is a marvel unto herself. Scenes where there is split screen, stand out for me, like when Harry and Marion are right beside each other, just stunning. What's so impressive, in my book, is how each formal aspect of the film supports one another, they all play into each other, while simultaneously highlighting specifics where necessary. In addition I think, these formal features become a performance within it self. They further externalize either a state of mind or feeling, emphasizing the fragile or fractured state of mind each character may be in. I thought it was just impeccable!

But how to conclude? Questions arise obviously. Does this film still obtain it's potency when you don't finish it properly? Does it still carry the same legitimacy as a text when it makes an audience stop viewing it? Not sure. But I will say this...that this film is scary. Scary but fucken incredible. I recommend the viewing to anyone who want to see great quality within cinema. But with warning.

Happy moviegoing folks!

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Jenna said...

I have only seen part of this when Al and I were in highschool and he used to play it in art class. Mr. Swanek would let me and him play whatever we wanted b/c he knew we were special and needed that kind of stimulation or something. It was amazing. But I never saw it all the way through b/c Bill made me scared of it and told me it is just too excessive (which from what I gather you have reaffirmed). Also, he and Graham always joke and say "ass to ass." To each other. So I know about that too.