Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally Saw Inglorious Basterds

And let me just tell you....HOLY MOTHER OF MERCY.

I went to a screening of Inglorious Basterds hosted by Creative Screenwriting Magazine on Wednesday with a Q&A following the screening with Quentin himself. I've had a few days to process now so this is what I've concluded. Quentin Tarantino is becoming just more and more impressive. He's unreal.

I don't want to talk about how the movie is about movies and such. Although that could be a whole other post to itself. But I'd like to focus on formal features which make the film quite the piece. The opening scene is absolutely impeccable, it's pretty much flawless. The genius in screenwriting is highlighted best here. Obviously the screenplay is one of the best features of the film, but I don't expect less from Tarantino. The cinematography in this film is also once of its outstanding qualities. The scene when Shosanna gets dressed for the premiere with "Cat People" playing along, stunning. You can see here, merely from the photos posted, how gorgeous the film is shot.

Acting. Unfortunately I have to mention that I feel like Brad Pitt's character could have been played by merely anyone. Not that he wasn't enjoyable but he was merely there, and not present. Now Christoph Waltz on the other hand, he plays Col. Hans Landa(seen above), was perfection. I can't imagine anyone else there. I can't believe how present he was. It's just odd cause that thin silver line that differentiates those moments of good acting between great acting in a performance disappears here and he was just on the whole time. Fucken brilliant.

Hearing Quentin speak about his process after the screening revealed just how much he goes through to punch out a product like this. He types out ever page by hand on an old Smith Corona from the 80s. One finger at a time. Wow huh?! In addition he explained how the story came into being, morphed into an insane 12hour mini series, soap opera and then widdeled down and polished into the piece you can see today. Finally finished for a 153min running time because Luc Bresson made a comment on how Tarantino is the one of the directors that actually make him want to get up and go see a movie in the theater.

The learning experience it would be to have a chance to work on a film like this is unsurmountable in my brain. I can't even imagine at this point, he was swearing up a storm and could not stop fidgeting or staying still. Mayhem!

Either way I recommend this to anyone who likes Quentin's previous stuff, and for anyone who wants to see a damn great movie.

Happy moviegoing!

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Jenna said...

Yep, yep, and yep. I know what you mean about Pitt. Very true. How about Fucking Eli Roth as the Bear Jew??? To me that performance also deserves an Oscar nomination.