Friday, November 13, 2009

Treasure Found: Charlie Chaplin Footage Purchased for $5!!!

So this man, Morace Park, buys $5 can of film stock from an guy on ebay. What he ends up getting is all kinds of magic in my book. Footage of planes flying during World War I, some early stop animation and some outtakes of Chaplin films. WHAAAAAAA???? Can we say that's totally awesome! Forget the war footage, but animation and Chaplin from the early 1900s! Holy amazing. This would be the find of the century for me, aside from unseen Fellini footage. But wow! I'm excited for this guy, I am. Should be awesome. Hopefully they'll release some of it to the public. So we can all enjoy.

Happy moviegoing!

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Jenna said...

Why don't you link to where you found this story? Or who the man is who found the stuff?