Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keep an Eye Out For...

Tron Legacy (2011)

Hold the gasps, but this might actually be a pretty awesome remake. This trailer is proof that this one will surely be aesthetically pleasing. Despite that I am the first to opt for less remakes, sequels and prequels I must say I am rather impressed by this trailer and am quite excited for this to come out. Writer Sam Lanckton wrote an article for Moving Pictures Magazine called "Revenge of the 80s" you should check it out. Hopefully it might help you make up your mind about your feelings on the upcoming remakes slated for the next few years(which incidentally hail from the 80s for the most part). All in all Tron Legacy looks pretty cool and I want to see it based purely on this trailer above...and some zen Jeff Bridges ever now and again isn't gonna hurt anyone either. ;)
Live long, prosper, and keep movie-going!


Jenna said...

Yeah but I don't think it's a remake. It's a sequel. Jeff Bridges was in the original. I like the score.

Amanda Ondretti said...

I'm pretty sure its a remake but Jeff is playing another character. I guess we'll see once it gets closer tot he release date.