Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

If your curiosity is peaked (even in the smallest degree) by any of the films that I will post about in the coming weeks please take the time to find a way to watch them. It’s a shame that so many extraordinary films are left unseen by a number of the film going population. As people give up on seeing them because they’re foreign or not playing in the most obscure theatres in their city, many of these film go unnoticed. Make a legitimate effort to watch these films or get other people to watch them, or hear about them because that's how we can spread the word and celebrate them. So many remarkable films go unacknowledged because they don’t get circulated enough. I believe if more time is taken to watching movies like these and making a viable effort to spreading the word about them they will get the recognition they deserve. Please make the time to go watch movies; movies that you cannot find at your local Blockbuster Video Store.

Your Cinephile at Arms,
Amanda Ondretti


Jenna said...

Where can we find them, Amanda?

Amanda Ondretti said...

Well most of these films were submitted for the foreign language category for the Oscars. So they wont be out just yet, I know that some of the films with more buzz, like The Class(which is nominated in the foreign language category for the Oscars) and Gomorra can still be seen in some smaller theaters. You will just have to look out for them. I know where they are playing in my city, but you would have to look into where they might be playing in yours. Some of the other films, you might have to obtain through buying them through the internet. If you go to some of the film's official websites they are selling them there or will have links to vendors that do sell them. There are ways you just have to be a bit crafty.