Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Honor of My Brother

In honor of my brother Austin’s upcoming birthday, the 30th of October, I was going to write a review of the movie that inspired his marvelous name, Green Card. Unfortunately after viewing it I came to the conclusion that a review of that film would not do anyone any good or add to their life in any way, and most importantly wouldn’t honor my brother in the way that I hoped it would. Instead, I am going to write about another film that I picked up at the same time I got Green Card from the library. An animated film, that I’ve been meaning to see for a long time since my love affair with Hayao Miyazaki started, called Porco Rosso. Which I think my brother would have enjoyed more and would appreciate more then the 500 words about how painful Andie McDowell is and how much I like how Gérard Depardieu says “parcels.”

So initially I am going to say that this post will include a few more pictures then usual because, quite obviously, this medium is a visual one and just some of this stuff needs to be seen.

Okay, down to business. What gets me the most about flicks like this is I can’t possible even imagine what it would be like to be Hayao Miyazaki for a day. To be in that guys brain would be the most magical thing ever, Disney has nothing on this man, nothing. The imagination on this man is absolutely incredible, absolutely amazing. I can’t help but be in awe when I watch this stuff because I can’t possible source where this his material comes from.

The story is about a cynic, Bogartesque, sea plane pilot, and bounty hunter, who’s a pig, actually a pig. I would have no problem saying that this film is like the Casablanca of anime both in story type and status. I really don’t want to get much into the storyline I think the above should entice you enough to go rent it ASAP. I particularly enjoyed the portion of the film set in Italy, just the depiction of it, is rather fun. Despite that I may have enjoyed this part cause I am a bit home sick right now, its still quite something to see and rather amusing to say the least. Porco is a crass hero, who most importantly has honor, which, and sometimes not to the best of people’s nature, is something important to both the Japanese and the Italians, or at least is held in high regard.

More to my point, it’s hard for me to understand how people don’t enjoy animated features or just dismiss them as child’s play. Especially when stuff like Porco Rosso and even more so Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata, 1988) exists. I think that people should appreciated it all a little more and more importantly expose more adults to it also. It’s not to say that this stuff isn’t appropriate for kids because it is, I just think that the general adult public should have a little more appreciation for it. I remember when Howl’s Moving Castle, another film by Miyazaki, came out and how excited I was that is was playing at my local theatre. I went with a friend on the first day it played and unfortunately there was not a single person there beside me and my friend, no one, not a soul. It was disheartening.

In the end people need to just let go and enjoy this stuff a bit more and by a bit more I mean a whole lot more. In the spirit of hope that everyone who reads this goes out and rents Porco Rosso and any of the other films I’ve mentioned I am going to mention another one. Coming out as of this October 31st, if I am not mistaken, called Fear(s) of the Dark which is a compilation of animated shorts done by some of the greatest graphic artists of our time. Go give it a look and give it some love. Fin.

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People do not love animated movies enough.


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